Tracey Spicer on work, parenting and being her naked self

You may know Tracey Spicer from her years as a news presenter on Channel Nine, Ten and Sky News. Or perhaps from her well-watched Ted Talk, where she stripped off to her underwear. She’s a journalist, writer and now a published author, as she’s turned her experiences into a book, The Good Girl Stripped Bare.

Tracey stopped into chat with Kinderling Conversation’s Shevonne Hunt, about her career, writing her book with comedy and her self-professed old-school parenting style.

Listen to Tracey’s full chat on Kinderling Conversation:

Of her time as a newsreader, Tracey says, “I just felt like I was acting this character… and it wasn’t really me.”

“It was actually very liberating and cathartic to start expressing an opinion and writing about the stuff that I learnt, any kind of wisdom that I’d gained, and being able to give other women a voice because I think it’s a privilege to have a public platform and now I’ve decided to use it for good instead of evil,” she says.

Parenting forced her to change a few of her life habits; “I am so much more patient than I used to be. I naturally have a hair trigger temper, I burn very hot and then I get over it very quickly. But with kids you find you’re forced to be patient,” she says. “I’m also much more organised. I’m naturally one of those head in the clouds, feel like writing a poem kind of person, infuriating!”

All in all, “It’s taught me to be an adult.”

“Everyone parents differently and everyone has their own configuration,” Tracey says. “My advice would be, ‘this too shall pass’. When you are in the middle of the nappies and the bottles and the breastfeeding and the lack of sleep, it’s like the war, you think it’s not going to end. You just bunker down and you get by.”

“And often it’s hard to enjoy the lovely lighter moments because you’re in battle mode. But my advice is, yeah it’s hard, it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but this too shall pass.”

Tracey’s book is out now, head to the publisher’s website for stockists and more information.