Sunday Telegraph – The great pregnancy debate

Why is society so inflexible when it comes to pregnant woman?

Women can still work successfully while pregnant – eg Shelley, Nat Bass, Jacinta Tynan – even back to Nicky Buckley.

But there is this fear of losing their jobs (give examples and names – Chris Bath, Kellie Connolly, Georgie Gardner – having to fight tooth and nail – and the Ten girls racing back when their babies were very small, and saying stuff like “I think they’re going to do a Spicer on me”).

Surely, pregnancy adds an interesting complexity to a character, therefore increases publicity, therefore brings more eyeballs to the screen – quote from Fiona Connolly.

Things are getting better – especially on Foxtel (Sarah Murdoch, Sky News girls, Angelo “wants to create a roster of working mothers”)

What you see on the screen reflects Australian society – Elizabeth Broderick – are things getting worse or better? Figures.