Tracey Spicer on “sickening” sexual assault by TV boss

Tracey Spicer on “sickening” sexual assault by TV boss

Veteran journalist Tracey Spicer has opened up about the “sickening” moment she was sexually assaulted by one of her television bosses.

Speaking with Woman’s Weekly, the 49-year-old revealed the incident occurred at a work Christmas party during the height of her career.

Channel 10

“He groped around for a second or two and said, ‘Looking good, Trace. Lost a bit of weight, eh?” the mother-of-two said, recalling how her colleague had placed his hand on her backside.

“I actually turned around to slap him, but realised it was one of my bosses. So I just lowered by arm. I said, ‘Yeah, after my mother died, I didn’t feel like eating,” she added.

“He mumbled, ‘Nice a***’ and staggered off.”

While Spicer refrained to disclose the name of the man involved or the company he worked for, she did say it remains one of the most “unpleasant and uncomfortable” experiences of her life.

Spicer is well known for speaking out against sexism in the media industry.

In 2006, she infamously sued Channel 10 for unfair dismissal following the birth of her second child.

The newsreader reached an undisclosed settlement with the network, rumoured to be $250,000.